I realize I have been struggling with a few things. And while you all are incredibly patient with this amateur (VERY amateur) blogger, who will just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about really NOTHING significant...I would like you to know that every once in a while I DO sit down and connect all the dots.

Here's what this blog is really about.

First of all, the blog address: the journey of here
Originally, this was going to be a blog just about journeys and where they take us and where mine was taking me. But...you can only talk so much about journeys and only make so many correlations between random things and journeys and life.
So, the address stayed the same but the title didn't. It changed promptly (or semi-promptly, since I have yet to do anything PROMPTLY) to "She Laughs".
Because 90% of the time (...okay, FINE. More than that...) I take me little self WAY to seriously. I think I'm in control (...which is hilarious...).
Proverbs 21:25 says that "...she can laugh at the days to come..." I really like that. Its an amazing reminder that we are not in control. God is. And if we have Him, then we don't need to worry about ANYTHING. Which is why we can laugh! Those people that don't have Him...they have to worry about EVERYTHING. Our viewpoint (with Jesus) essentially is this: "I did the best I could. If that is not enough then I guess I'm not meant to go in that direction!"

This blog is about journeys (mine specifically, since most people wouldn't let me write about theirs...) not taking things too seriously, and, well...me.

I had this professor, once. He challenged his students to start and keep a blog. He described it as an online journal. A place to record thoughts in one easily-accessible place, and those thoughts were somewhat coherent and connected. So, this is my online journal.

People say not to be apologetic about what you do...BUT...

I am going to be completely and 100% apologetic about this blog. Because it's mostly going to be me ranting. (There will be bad days, I promise.) (And I'll try to give fair warning...Actually, this is your fair warning. So continue to read this blog at your own will and risk.)

This blog...it's me on a page. I will try to be as open as possible. I will try to not bore you with too many badly taken photographs. I will try to be uplifting. I will try to move forward; I will try not to beat the proverbial dead horse. I will try to post consistently and semi-frequently.

I'm trying, here. I am trying to live my life as one that is glorifying to God. And I'm gonna have to vent about it somewhere. (The internet sounded like the perfect place...)
And so, this is my blog. It's about me, and journeys, and laughing even on the days when you really just want to hit someone in the face with a chair.

Its the journey of life. We get to laugh at it. And mix it with a little Sami.

(stand back...it may explode...) ;)

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