Tuesday, September 22, 2015

10 quotes from the awesome people i hang out with (10 things)


i've been noticing that the people that i hang around with are really REALLY profound, or just the stuff that comes out of that hole in their face really hits home with me... so i thought i'd quote them.

1. Mom - "That's the part of the equation that we can't control." (We were talking about people in our lives and how their actions affect us, and our actions affect them. I got a picture in my head of a ship sailing through a storm. It has been said that you are the main character of your own story, and the supporting character of someone else's. As ships, we sail through other people's storms. We can either change course and get out of it, or sail straight on through. We can't control the storm itself. We can't control other people. That's the part of the equation that we can't control.)

2. Dani (my older sister) - "Sometimes we have to hang around in the dirt to realize that we don't want to be dirty." (Talking about people again. Sometimes they have to see the bad stuff to realize that they don't want to be in it.)

3. Chris (my brother-in-law) - "Their moral compass is kinda squishy. You know that cornstarch stuff? Where you add cornstarch and water together? And if you hit it really hard, it doesn't give, but if you let it sit in your hands it just turns to goop. That's what their moral compass is like. If you hit it really hard under pressure, its super strong, but the more you hang out with them, the softer it gets." (Again, talking about people - sometimes they put on masks which present the view that they are solid in their morals, in their faith, ethics, whatever...and if not tested except for the occasional smack, they seem solid. But the longer you hang out with them, the goopier they and their morals become.)

(fun fact: Both Dani and Chris, after saying these things, looked at each other and said: "wow! that was really profound!".....gotta love 'em.)

4. Jana (friend, blogger, awesome person) - "Europe is nice. They have trains." (I told her that I was going to run away. She asked if she could come with me.)

5. Eliza Marie (new baby niece!) - "*gurgle* *babble* *wheeze* *sigh*." (All while looking at me with a wide-eyed and bemused expression on her face. I have no idea what this means, but I thought it was profound.)

6. Joelle Rose (2 year old niece...ADORABLE) - "Five fives....LIAR!" (We were playing Pirate's dice.....i think she'll be able to beat us all by the time she's six, but i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.)

7. Me - "I thought it would help to travel the world." (is it terrible to quote myself? i could give myself a pen name....or say it was one of my friends...)

8. Sara (friend, blogger) - "Even if we fail, we will have learned so much." (We actually didn't have a conversation about this...i found it on her blog.)

9. Courtney (friend, musician) - "But yellow Starbursts are my favorite!" (In response to: a Facebook post that said "Never let anyone treat you like a yellow Starburst. You are a pink Starburst." This was the same girl that told me that "normal was just a setting on your washing machine". Seriously, this girl is brilliant.)

10. Kelaiah (friend, musician, blogger) - "To love is to risk." (ok, so Leo Buscaglia actually said this, but Kelaiah shared it with me. Which makes it awesome.)

11. (BONUS ROUND) Dad - "In 50 words or less, tell me who peed in your Cheerios this morning." (i died. laughing. this is my dad, all the time. so awesome.)

So.....What's your favorite quote? Who said it? Or have you ever said something yourself that you really liked?
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Monday, September 21, 2015

if i had an extra hour (10 things)

if i had an extra hour
i would go to the grocery store for sugar and milk
and pull the cocoa and cinnamon out of the kitchen cupboard
and make hot cocoa with whipped cream,
steaming and sweet.

if i had an extra hour
i would write a letter
because snail mail is the best
to receive
and the second best to send.

if i had an extra hour
i would take a hot bath
with candles and sea salt
and lavender
and the silence as a barrier
between me and my mind.

if i had an extra hour
i would wrap up in my scarf and jacket
and take a walk in the woods
i would watch the deer nibble their way through the brush
and listen to the squirrels argue over stolen nuts.

if i had an extra hour
i would play on the swings with my niece
and hear her giggle being
flung to the world
at the edge of the autumn breeze.

if i had an extra hour
i would throw the ball for my dog
happy she would be
happy i would be
because she was happy
instead of moping around like she does.

if i had an extra hour
i would make that empty scrapbook
that i've been putting off for a month now
and i'd make a white elephant gift or two while i was at it
because christmas is just around the corner

if i had an extra hour
i would write a song
this one about wishing that walls would come crumbling down
and miscommunication would dissolve like smoke in the rain
and grief and discomfort and pain would wash away
to the sound of my piano and the plink plink plonk of precipitation

if i had an extra hour
i would go looking for you
so we could spend time together
because heaven knows
we don't do that enough anymore.

if i had an extra hour
i'd give my hot cocoa to you
that letter would have your name on it
i would let you know when the bath was full let you have it instead
i'd take a picture of the deer, and steal some of the nuts from the squirrels
and i would chase after that giggle and give all these to you
i would let my dog lick you on the face to share her happiness
and those white elephant gifts would end up on your pillow on two different mornings,
and maybe they would make you smile
the song would be yours
and the time would be yours
and my heart would be yours.

so let me go make an extra hour.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

taped together

it hurts
when you're dropped like a hot potato
but you're made of glass.

you don't realized it until you try to put the pieces back together
but all you have is tape
and cut fingers.

try to tape yourself together
but broken glass doesn't hold water
doesn't hold anything.

all you can do is be a really crappy funnel.
a sieve
in an ocean of tears.