Thursday, July 9, 2015

hello, you

hello you
bright eyes
and crinkles around your lips when you smile

hello you
laying there
I can barely see you
beneath the care
the carefulness
that might kill you

hello you
beautiful thing
broken, hurting, dying, beautiful

hello you
brave one
tightly holding my hand
I don't feel brave
holding yours
but your eyes say
I want to stay but I know I won't
and don't be afraid

hello you
you left courage behind
can we pick it up?
can we use it ourselves?

hello you
I wonder how long it will last
how long we will have you
how long it will be
before we beg for mercy
not for us but for you

hello you
why do you leave?
why do you get to escape?
why do you wish to stay?
there are better things out there.

hello you
dedicated one
who wishes to grow old with us
you don't have to stay
you don't have to be dedicated to us
do something for yourself
we will try to understand

hello you
writing down your words
in that careful, strong hand
I wonder how much you can hide in that
big big heart

hello you
why do you have to make it so hard
so hard to let go
so hard to let things be
so hard to not get old
so hard to be brave
because you have set the standard
for bravery and courage
and what fear looks like
which isn't you

hello you
you made it the hardest thing
to say goodbye

hello you
I didn't know you
I didn't know what you liked
I just know that you laughed at your kids
and smiled at your husband
and were simply you

hello, you
not much left
to do
or be
or say
except for three things
we have to do
the letting go and moving on
which will take awhile
we have to be
that you had to go

hello you
i want to say hello you forever
but i can't
i have to say
goodbye you


  1. Whoa. This is epic. And deep. And so thoughtful. The pictures go awesome with the words, I love this whole thing <3

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