Tuesday, March 24, 2015

flying cats

Once upon a time, a pastor owned a cat. But one day the cat climbed up a tree, and couldn't climb back down. The pastor, feeling bad, did what any responsible cat owner would have done: he attempted to get the cat down from the tree. He pulled down the limb, and just then, a police car went racing by with sirens blaring. The pastor lost concentration, and let go of the limb.
Unfortunately, the cat was still on the limb, and the pastor had pulled the limb down far enough that when he let go, the cat went plummeting through space, screeching.

The pastor searched and searched, but could not find the cat.

A week later, the pastor was visiting one of the older women from his congregation and asked how she was doing. She replied "I'm doing wonderful! I was really struggling for a while. Last week I was standing on my porch praying, and I was asking God 'Why do you have me here? I feel so lonely and abandoned. Please just give me a sign that I'm where you want me to be.' And then out of the sky came this cat! It landed right in my lap, and it's the sweetest thing. Now I'm not so lonely!"

The pastor didn't have the heart to tell the woman that the cat was actually his, so he just said "Wow! God is good!" and finished his visit with the woman.

I heard this story a couple weeks ago and thought it was HILARIOUS, so I thought I'd share it. The point made was that while things might seem really bad or confusing or just plain weird, and we are wondering why things are going the way they are, God will work everything (even flying cats!) out for his glory, his purposes, and his good.

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