Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 books to read...aka: my summer reading list

So, in the summertime, this is what I do:
Read some more.

All while NOT getting tan. (My skin thinks it's a sin to be anything a shade darker than "pale".)

Seriously though.
I will read more than 10 books this summer.
Let's face it.
I've already read 10 books this what's 10 more? ;)

Problem: I've got like, 90 books that I want to read...and I feel like I should make myself read a variety of books because otherwise I'll get stuck in the Young Adult Fiction section of the library and NEVER LEAVE.

So, there's some fiction, non-fiction, serious, funny, dystopian, romance, classic, new, etc., etc., etc.....because that's life.
It's also what my bookshelf looks like.

1. Station Eleven: It looks like tragedy on paper. I love tragedy. How bad can it be?

2. All the Light We Cannot See: I'm going to need tissues for this one.

3. #8, #9, #10 of The Ranger's Apprentice: ONLY THREE LEFT...and I must finish this series...I think they should just make it into one ginormous book. (Because that would be AMAZING...)

4. Sense and Sensibility: one must have a classic on every book list...

5. I Was Here: this one looks sad too...what is it with me and sad books?

6. The Princess Bride: I know the movie, but not the book, and that's a problem that needs fixing.

7. Legend: This one is in the stack by my bed. As we speak. Like, I have to read this or I will be forever ashamed.

8. Earth Girl: Also in the stack, although I've never heard of it before the librarian recommended it...the description on the back reminds me of the Lunar Chronicles (which are excellent, by the way.)

9. Kisses from Katie: I have this prediction that this book will be very motivating for me to read because it's about missions. Also, personally I find her story extremely inspiring.

10. A C.S. Lewis book: either The Screwtape Letters or Mere Christianity...or both.... :D

11. BONUS: A Severe Mercy (mwahahahahaha...eleven books....I'm such a rebel...)

So, the other thing that I really want to do is a review for each of these. Something along the lines of "on a scale of BOOYEAH to heckno, where does this book fall?" sort of a thing...

*sigh* There's so much to look forward to.

keep it chill people,

P.S. Just an FYI: This is part 1 of a 10 part series: The 10 Things. It's gonna be epic, so stay tuned.

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