Thursday, June 4, 2015

seven million reasons

is busy.
with seven
things to do.
busy busy busy
booked schedules
rushed meals
loud music on car rides
because there must be a release.

seven million things to do
none of them important
none of them world-altering

seven million reasons
to stop
run away
and never return
to this life of busy.

but stay -
do the
seven million things
that you hate
but are as comfortable as
playing scales on the piano
cleaning the coffee pot
taking out the garbage
or making sure your shoes are clean before coming indoors.

things that have to happen so that
the world makes sense
seven million things
that might keep us from living.
they all have an antidote.

the cranky person: skip on the sidewalk
the sleepy eyes: converse with the barista
the boredom during a vacation: go skydiving, because you can
the pining: do it alone. you won't always be able to
the tired days: roll windows down, turn music up
the frustration: remember peace, make it happen
the longing to do something right: you know how to do it.
the only thing stopping you
are the seven million little things
that we think keep us from living.
but are in fact,
the very seven million reasons
that we do live.



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