Tuesday, August 11, 2015


some days I just want to be alone.
people carry around so much crap.
we pour out our worries, over and over,
then scramble to pick them up again.

some days i just want to be with people that
i can't be with.
i want to show them who i am
with my soul open and raw and bare
i want to say "this is me
see? isn't it ugly?
isn't it beautiful?
i don't expect you to like it,
but i want you to know that
this is me."

some days i want to be with everyone
so that i will be distracted
by the smile on my own face
so that i won't see
the tears on my soul, and
everyone else's, too.

but most days, i just want to be alone
in a silent white room
with the rest of me somewhere else
so i don't have to think about everything
so i don't have to think about everyone
so i don't have to think about me.
so i can just be.

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