Tuesday, August 25, 2015

honesty is painful

honesty is painful

buried beneath the piles of random "treasures" in our hearts
when we pull it out, everything goes
tumbling down.

we use it to free ourselves
when the lies get thick
when emotions start stacking up
and we have to stand on our tiptoes to see
where exactly we are
in this maze of the heart

honesty is painful 
it is sharp, waiting to be used.
lies are dull knives
roughly gnawing away at our problems.
lies only make them ache

honesty cuts deep and quick and
reminds us who we are
it cuts off the roots that we don't need
the branches that get in the way of our vision
the extra bark that only adds extra weight

and even though it hurts
it is that pain keeping us alive
and whole
and knowing exactly who you are.
without any of the junk.
it hurts
it burns
it cuts
and we bleed
but it keeps us whole
and clean
and free.

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