Friday, February 26, 2016

NOTE TO SELF: the sticky notes series

i am feeling SO overwhelmed.

i love to blog. really really really love to blog. i would do this all day every day if i could make a living off it.

unfortunately i can't.

so - i'm cutting down. you may have noticed already that i'm not posting as much as i have been. (october was kind of a post aside from that.) i want my blogging to be real - not just something i pump out every once in a while because i feel like i should keep this up.

i want to post the highlights. the stuff that sticks.
old stuff that i love, new things i think are awesome.
things i would change, things i love and hate at the same time.
i would love to have red hair.
i fail at bible time but its a new years resolution to remedy that.
as much as it tries to kill me, i want to start running.
and i want to look at the good things.
i want to learn the little things and remember them.

i therefore introduce to you:

i will be doing two series at the same time. Note to Self as they come, and then If Places Were People every other week.

Note to Self  will be the little lessons that i learn that i don't want to forget. these lessons are actually written in my horrid handwriting on my bedroom walls, but i want to share them with you.

because somedays we just need little sticky notes that say it's gonna be okay.

I may not post as much. but hopefully these posts will be less of me blabbering and more of
look what i learned today! what do you think? 

plus - you know - these are probably gonna be on canva things so AWESOMENESS.

stay tuned, lovelies.


  1. This sounds so cool! Can't wait to see it!!

  2. "because somedays we just need little sticky notes that say it's gonna be okay"


    Dude, I hear you about blogging....I don't blog very often either but it feels GOOD to not be burnt out and feeling obligated to post when you don't really have something burning in your soul to be talked about. Your blog is a beautiful, inspiring place, Sami and I think I probably speak for all your readers in that we look forward to your posts-- and we don't mind waiting for them!

    This series is going to be bomb!! aaaahhh I can't wait to read more. I love the handwritten sticky note idea.

    1. same to you, girl! i love your posts! they are so honest and open. :)

  3. Aww, I understand about the overwhelmingness. *feeds you nice cake* Life does get a bit hectic, right?! And blogging...omg, blogging is the best but I definitely understand cutting back. And this new sticky-note series sounds AMAZING to me!! I CANNOT WAIT.