Friday, June 17, 2016

writing (because I need it) 2.16.16

they say to write until you can't NOT write
they say to write until it hurts when you don't
until you write better than you talk, think, and see

describe what a jellyfish looks like to a blind person

what does music sound like, to the deaf?

how does heat feel to one who has lost the nerve endings in their fingers?

give a voice to someone who has never said a word

make ice cream for someone who has only ever eaten cake

give it the soul and sixth sense that everyone has

take life and offer it to the dying
lend vision and sound
share some taste buds

that's what writing is

how do i breathe? 
how do i see, taste
how do i feel and touch
what is the meaning of emotion?

my voice is my own language
some sentences come out like i've pasted them into google translate
the basic meaning comes through
but some words just aren't the same.

some languages have words that English doesn't
some languages don't translate into mine and vice versa

komorebi - sunlight filtered through leaves
meraki - to leave a piece of yourself in your work
hanyuaku - to walk on tiptoes across hot sand
bimyou - "meh", "not bad"

and i feel that when i write
talk and create people see part of it
but they also see the underneath description that says
Sami-ese, number of  speakers: 1
all they understand is the
butchered explanation of what i'm really trying to say
one that doesn't even come close


but not quite

write it anyway
write it because it hurts.
write it because if you don't it might write itself
on the walls of your brain in big black
bold letters that will never ever ever come off.

write so that it does not become permanent
toska: unexplained spiritual anguish

write to get it out

write to keep clean.


  1. this is beautiful.
    You are so talented Sami!
    And such good thoughts for me to chew on...

      ah. this is one of those things that i'm like, 'do i post it? do i not post it? do i let it sit in my drafts folder for four months and THEN post it?....definitely the last one.'
      also I LOVE YOUR BLOG even though i just found it...I LOVE IT. :)

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  3. I love this so much! It's absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Just recently found your blog and this beautiful post speaks to me so much - definitely can relate! You have a gift with words.

    1. thanks Andrea! it's definitely not me! God is behind the words, the gift, all of it. i'm glad you like it though!

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  5. Your writing is beautiful and this perfectly captures the reason why we all write, and i loved it <3


    1. thanks Elizabeth! this was kind of just a random thing i did awhile ago (duh, the date) and then i've done several since then, just exploring why i write and how it helps me process things and de-stress....
      love your blog by the way! :)