Wednesday, July 15, 2015

10 things to know before you move anywhere...even just across the hall

so, i'm not MOVING moving, just kind of reaaranging, and my sister is moving from one bedroom to the other...but i've learned a lot about this whole relocation thing. so i thought i'd share. :D

1. get a Dad. or any random strong person will work because BASICALLY they are superman. and they can lift the heavy things. girls, this applies to you more than it applies to guys. because they were blessed with muscles and we were blessed with smaller muscles. so they get to do the heavy lifting...lucky them. ;)

2. get a dolly. not a baby doll. a dolly. like, the thing with wheels that you can put stuff on and it makes it really easy to move.

3. get the handy-dandy MOVING FEET. because those things save spinal columns and back muscles. seriously.

4. get rid of the things that you don't like, don't use, and aren't sentimental. you'll be surprised at how much JUNK you have.

5. if you have the opportunity, redecorate. guaranteed, there is something that you hate about your room. for me, it's wall color. (think cardboard box...yep, that's the shade.) so, repaint, or redecorate, or WHATEVER. make it your space.

6. split the space. i know that if you're like me, having your own room was THE THING in 8th grade. and it's fine to have your own room. but if you are renting your own apartment, and there's an extra bedroom, find someone to rent the space out with you. currently, i'm sharing my apartment (use your imagination with that term) with my sister, and we are splitting the rent cost.

7. don't have, do without. *ahem* as in, don't add to that junk pile you're trying to get rid of.

8. don't expect everything to get worked out in the first 24 hours. it's been a week since we started the "move" and everything is still looking like a mess and lexy and i are mostly living upstairs still. its gonna be a little bit before we get things ironed out.

9. CLEAN. people, how often do you vacuum under your dresser? under your bed? in your closet? do it now, while furniture is being moved. vacuum several times, dust, clean the windows (i don't know about you but i NEVER clean my windows) and get all that gross stuff out of the way before you start moving in. also, just as courtesy to whoever is going into the space you just moved out of, clean that space too. it'll make your landlords happy.

10. take it easy! have fun! i used to get super stressed about moving, or change in general, but its really a lot more fun to laugh and have a good time instead. if something goes wrong, laugh about it! if something goes right, celebrate!

one final note: don't break anything. LOL. (you're totally jinxed now...)

happy moving! :D


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