Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DAY SIX - it is good

DAY SIX: Top 6 Favorite Bloggers and Why...

(oh this is good. i love this.)
(i get to talk about my favorite people.)
(hang on while i just *flail* *dies* *comes back to life because of happiness*)


Favorite bloggers? YAY.
Normally i don't like people unless i like them. (don't ask. it doesn't make sense to me either.)
(you're all awesome. i love you.)

But bloggers? Bloggers are SO COOL.

And on the 6th day God made bloggers. and he said "It is good. - Sami's version of the first chapter of the Bible. :D


1. Jana at Jana's Faith - this girl and her words are THE BEST. (not to mention she's an amazing friend.) and her photography is beautiful. and basically just YES.

2. Kate at the goodness revolt -  this girl is SO POWERFUL with her words. thought-provoking and makes me happy-cry regularly. plus her photography, and her poetry, and her view on Jesus is AWESOME.

3. Cait at Paper Fury  - makes me laugh. every time. plus, she talks about books, SO OF COURSE ITS AMAZING. (and she is the future world ruler so DUH. we love her.)

4. Sara at Glittering Ambiguity - because HELLO its arts and crafts and letters from the basement right now and I LOVE IT.

5. Kryn at Garden of Happiness - makes me laugh. and she's amazing at photography and just being herself which totally rocks.

6. Abbie at Abbiee - this girl and her poetry, and the stories about her adventures, and not to mention every once in a while she gives a tutorial post (like this one) that makes my life a whole lot easier - basically like, WOW.

so, go check out these blogs NOW. because the blogs are awesome, and the people behind them are awesome too. :)

And TALK TO ME PEOPLE (i love comments!) who's your favorite blogger? I love getting new reading material so share links! (i love links, too.)


  1. i'm so glad we both ended up liking each other, because really that's kinda a small feat… we're both VERY picky about our people… i guess that just means we both have good tastes in friends. and i'm on your list!! i'll love you forever :) we need to talk, and soon because i'm having sami withdraws.

    1. i know right?! jesus was like "God, we need to get these two to be friends....do you know how cool that would be?" yes we need to talk because i'm having jana withdrawls too. :D