Wednesday, October 7, 2015

hoping, across the street (blogtober: day 7)

i hate clothing, basically. 
day 7 of blogtober is OOTD (outfit of the day) 
PROBLEM. but i'm a rebel. (problem solved.)
instead of looking at what i'm wearing, we're gonna talk about how people look at outsides appearances, instead of the inside worth. 
and whaddya know. it's a poem, too... BONUS!

i work downtown.
sometimes i have to walk down the street to run errands.
sometimes i run across the street.
a car stops.
i sprint so that i don't get in the way.
my braid flies over my shoulder
and there's a grin
where the wind whips my face
for just one second.

one second,
and i hope.
i hope that the people in the car don't see
a woman hurrying
across the street.
a well dressed lady
with a straight back
and perfect smile
and good communication skills
and "PLEASANT" stamped all over her
like a billboard ad.

i desperately hope that they don't see that.

i hope they see two braids instead of one.
bare feet instead of heeled boots.
comfy jeans and a dirty tanktop,
rather than the skirt-and-blouse look
that i loathe.

not makeup, but
the tan,
face of someone
who never grew up.
who never meant to grow up.

i hope they see not just another woman hurrying
across the street.
i hope, i desperately wish
that they see
just me.
the little girl in woman's clothing.

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